Here’s The Crazy Ones

Those who don't conform to the world's pattern change the way things are done

Apple Steve Jobs Here's To The Crazy Ones- Nathan Hulls

crazy ones
“Steve Jobs”

This quote is for all those individuals who don’t fit into society’s box.

It’s for those individuals  who are called crazy, ludicrous, misfit, and odd balls, that don’t fit in the “normal” pattern, for the one’s who change things rather than accepting the status quo.

This is for the entrepreneurs, innovators, scientists, artists, singers, and anyone who believes they can do more than what the world expects of them.

It may seem like ludicrous to some to take the risk of falling in order to have the chance to fly, but to Steve Jobs, and many others it is not. It is better to try, fail and fix the mistakes, than to not try at all because of fear of failing.

Fear is the enemy of the entrepreneurs, dreamers, tech-moguls, artists, musicians and all successful people.

If someone did not take a risk , then we would be stuck in the pioneer days. If someone did not do something a little “crazy” to everyone else nothing would develop; all the things we take for granted today wouldn’t exist (including:phones, computers, modern medicine, etc.).

This quote applies to anyone who wants to change the world from any vocation, location, walk of life, point of view and age. It does not matter who, or where an individual is all that matters is their desire (goal), plan, action, and why. The why is what drives that individual to pursue their goal until it has been achieved, and then beyond.

The choice is ultimately up to the individual. If they choose to do something peculiar, who’s to say they won’t change the world.


Everyone is meant for more. Find passion and pursue it. Be more. Be Epic.