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Einstein's Riddle

Victoria Schexnayder and Daquavin Wheat

Einstein’s Riddle is a challenging game that exercises basic cognitive thinking in a very frustrating but fun way. You are given five sets with five different categories as well as a list of clues. It is your job to discover which nationality lives in which colored house, along with what they drink, smoke, and what type of pet they have.

Domino Effect is a simple, yet complex game. You’re tasked with knocking down a yellow domino which is positioned, usually, in a difficult spot to reach. You have a limited amount of dominoes to attain your goal. This game takes thought and a little bit of imagination.

Jet Attack– This is a fun multiplayer game that pits you against friends. The object of this game is to fly into your opponent and knock them into the wall of spikes, exploding them into dozens of small pieces. The first one to nine is the winner.