Dylan Gardner describes himself as ‘music nerd’

Dylan Gardner

Dylan Gardner is an up and coming 19-year-old pop/rock singer from Aurora, Illinois. He describes himself as a “music nerd” and collects classic 60’s rock albums such as The Beatles, Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and The Doors.
His music is mostly fun upbeat songs with a fast paced rhythm, which I enjoy. His enthusiasm while singing is contagious and pretty amazing. His music is a nice mesh of past and current sounds.

If you enjoy music from the past decades,  you will most likely enjoy Dylan’s music. His music videos are well made, although he only has two, one for his song “Too Afraid to Love You” and another for “Let’s Get Started.”

DYLAN GARDNERI listened to all of his songs on YouTube, and I have to say my favorite would have to be “Let’s Get Started” because it is a happy upbeat song about being carefree, plus it begins with a reference to a member of The Beatles which I really like.

His songs, much like most songs of this decade relate to relationships, although not in the corny way some songs nowadays portray it. I will most likely buy his album “Adventures in Real Time” as soon as possible and would definitely recommend others to give it a listen. He has a sound I believe can be liked by many, and he himself seems to be a rather interesting, down to Earth, and unique individual. Dylan Gardner has an extraordinary voice, and talent, that shouldn’t go unnoticed.