Best dog breeds for kids

Best dog breeds for kids

Robert Murphy



Average height of 12-16” and weights 50-55 lbs with a lifespan of 8-10 years on average.

They are full of energy as puppies, but slow down with age. This makes them a great companion for young children, developing into calmer dogs as the children age. The AKC notes that this breed is well-loved by families because of their tendency to build a strong bond with children. They also warn that the Bulldog may overheat in warm weather and should not be left outside. With a loyal, courageous and agreeable temperament, the English bulldog is an excellent choice for a child’s pet.




Average size is 25-29” high and 100-150 lbs with a lifespan of 10 years on average.

The mammoth dog is a great swimmer and has a heavy coat that comes in black, brown, gray or white and black. Newfs are social dogs who eagerly welcome strangers who bear no ill will, notes Dog Breed Info, especially patient and loving with children. The Newfoundland is also a great swimmer and has been known to save lives in emergency situations. Both young and old will quickly fall in love with this wonderfully sweet, large dog.




On average Collie range from 22-26” high and weighs 50-70 lbs. average Collie ranges from 22-26” high and weighs 50-70 lbs. average lifespan of 14-16 years.

This great childhood dog is smart and predictable by nature. They love children and may lovingly try to herd them as they play. The Collie will also make a great watch dog, says The Collie Club of America. They are not aggressive, notes The Collie Club of America, but they will bark a warning and protect if attacked. With children they are gentle and loving, says The Collie Club of America, and their stable personality makes them ideal for the young or old.

Bull terrier


Typically 20-24” and 45-80 lbs for the standard Bull Terrier. The average lifespan for a Bull terrier is 11-14 years.

The Target dog is represented by a Bull Terrier. With a flat head that slopes evenly into his snout, the muscular Bull Terrier is a gentle breed that usually makes a good fit for a family dog. The American Kennel Club® notes, “the Bull Terrier is best described as a three year-old child in a dog suit. Given his muscular build, the Bull Terrier can appear unapproachable, says the AKC, but he is an exceedingly friendly dog with a sweet and fun-loving disposition and popular in the obedience, agility and show rings.”

American Boxer


American Boxers range from 21-25” high and weight 50-70 lbs when fully developed. They have an average lifespan of 9-10 years.

The Boxer exhibits a true love for human affection, especially from children. Without adequate exercise mentally and physically, the Boxer may become board and dig, bark or become high-strung. They also note that the Boxer needs firm and gentle leadership to keep from being obstinate, as well as early exposure and socialization with other dogs and species.