Vans Custom Culture Competition

Rachael Sikes, Editor



Art students here at Sabine High School have been working for 3 weeks to create masterpieces out of these shoes. This competition calls for 4 types of themes one for each shoe as listed: local flavor, music, sports, and art.

The common factors in all of the shoes is one portion of realism, and one 3-D factor incorporated in the shoes.

Vans shoe company puts on a competition every year for high school students across America to show off their art skills, and have a chance to get a $50,000 grant for their school’s art department. Only a limited number of high schools   in the U.S. are chosen, and Sabine is among the chosen. The top 50 schools will be informed April, 18. After the top 50 are announced, the people vote April 27-May 11 for the winning team.

SAVE THE DATE: April 27-May 11