Beloved English teacher retires after 44 years of teaching


Mrs. Libby Beach retires after 44 years of teaching. She is congratulated by high school principal, Eddie Shawn.

Wesley Simpson, Reporter

The school year of 2015-2016 is the last year Mrs. Beach, the English 2 and Business English teacher, will be teaching here at Sabine. Cardinal Connection reporter Wesley Simpson interviewed Mrs. Beach on her thoughts and memories of teaching both here at Sabine and in other districts.

How long have you been teaching?

“I’ve been teaching for 44 years. It’s a really long time, but it doesn’t feel like it.”

What has been your favorite part about teaching?

“My favorite part about teaching has probably been working with the students and watching them succeed. It was quite the experience to watch these kids develop and become successful members of our society. Watching a student grow up and be able to provide for themselves is extremely satisfying for me as their teacher.”

You haven’t always just taught English 2 and Business English. What was your favorite subject to teach?

“I really enjoyed working with the speech class and the theater class. I have taught English, theater classes, and various speech classes, both here at Sabine, Gilmer, and Hondo. I started the speech class at Hondo High School and to me, that was quite the undertaking.”

What has your last year of teaching been like?

“It’s not what I expected. You’d think after all the years of being with something, you would have a whole lot of fun and go peacefully. It’s been fun in some ways. The sophomore class has been quite a challenge,” Mrs. Beach adds with a wink. “However, there have been more kids who have shown improvement in this class than students who choose to be disruptive. The state testing, in the student’s defense, takes a lot out of both the students and the teachers. It’s just no fun for anyone. But whether they believe it or not, I enjoy working with young people. They put life in me. They’ve been quite a joy. I really care about them. Teaching has been very good to me. I was able to teach my kids things about life. We talked about what they needed to do to prepare themselves for the real world.”

What do you plan to do after you retire?

“My husband and I are planning on travelling to Kentucky this summer. Later in the fall, we are going to go up northeast and see some of the fall foliage, the pretty leaves. It will be beautiful and colorful. Another perk of retiring is I will get to spend more time with my grandchildren and visit with my children and sisters. Afterwards, I plan on substitute teaching back here at Sabine and maybe abroad. There’s a whole lot of mixed emotions present during this retirement. I’ll probably do a lot of reading.”