Missiles fired on Syria


Tomahawk on being fired to delver the payload to Assad's chemical factory's in Syria. (credit to deference.gov)

Zackary Craver, Reporter

Trump has sanctioned missile strikes on Syria for their chemical warfare. Assad, the leader of Syria, has continued to bomb civilians, which is one of the most despicable of crimes.

It is important that we demonstrate to Syria that we will not stand for war crimes, especially against civilians.

On April 4, Assad released chemical weapons on a town called  Khan Sheikhun. After the U.S. gathered samples and examined photos and videos, inspectors have confirmed that there were woman and children affected by this nerve agent gas.

Assad continues to act like the strikes did nothing, continuing to walk to work like he is not affected or scared of America. Assad is nothing but a week and pitiful man backed up by Russia. Without Russia, Assad would be quaking in his boots.