Students encouraged to dress up for Red Ribbon Week


Lexie Smith

Juniors Shelby Henson and Jake Knight dress up with senior Elena Miller for Tuesday's "Hang Loose and Stay Off Drugs" day during Red Ribbon Week.

Cadarian Nolen, Reporter

Red Ribbon Week was Oct. 22-26 with different dress-up days scheduled for each day.

Monday’s theme was “Doing Drugs is Trash.” Student Council encouraged students to be creative and make an outfit and accessories with trash bags; however, regular clothes had to be worn underneath.

Tuesday was “Hang Loose and Lei Off Drugs” day with the attire for the day centered around Hawaiian and tropical attire and accessories.

Wednesday was “Drug-free is Totally Gnarly.” Students dressed up as they did in the ’80s

Thursday’s theme said “Be Smart… Don’t Start,” and students wore head-to-toe attire for their favorite college/university.

Friday was the day to proclaim: “We Stand United Against Drugs.” Everyone wore red, white, and blue that day.