‘The Nun’ is a flop

'The Nun' is a flop

Eddie Rosas, Reporter

The Nun was supposed to be the movie of the year. Everybody was anticipating this movie, but Rotten Tomatoes and Audience Ratings prove that this movie was more like the flop of the year. Rotten Tomatoes Gave it a 25% rating. The Audience score was 40%.

The scenes in this movie were just too predictable. The scare and jump scenes were telegraphed so that the audience knew when they were coming. Plus the plot line and climax of the movie just never really got to a point. The movie didn’t seem to have a theme; it was one note from beginning to end without much depth.

The movie opens up really well, but as the movie progresses it losses meaning and fails to be the thriller that everybody was hoping for.

The Conjuring Universe let a lot of people down with this movie. Hopefully, the next movie “The Curse of La Llorona” scheduled for April 2019 will provide a more enjoyable experience for movie-goers who enjoy horror films.