‘Halloween’ movie series gets a reboot


Justin Ellis, Reporter

The newest movie in the “Halloween” series, released on Oct. 19, reboots everything in the “Halloween” sequels to go back to the style of the original Halloween. This movie was given a 79% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 75% audience score. I advise any and every horror/slasher fan to give this movie a view.

The movie returns both  Jamie Lee Curtis as the main female role of Laurie Strode and also John Carpenter as the director. Carpenter along with his son Cody and Daniel Davies composes the music for the Halloween movies. The movie takes place 40 years after the first Halloween.

Halloween (2018) takes the films back to its horror slasher flick roots and takes out the cursed family story line that was built up in movies before. I suggest watching it from the comfort of the recliners in the Four Star Cinema in Kilgore.