UIL team wins sweepstakes at Hallsville UIL Meet


Skye Duncan

UIL participants

Daniel Sanchez, Reporter

The UIL Academic team took sweepstakes at Hallsville, Feb. 16, with the Math team placing 1st, the Current Events team placing 2nd, the Literary Criticism team 1st, and the Journalism team 2nd, the Spelling team 1st, the Science team 1st. The team amassed almost 400 points.

Plaque for winning UIL Sweepstakes

The individual winners for Ready Writing were Halyn McKenzie 2nd, Ashlyn Wright 3rd, Kelsey Sheets 4th, and Atley Jeffus 6th.

The individual winners for Spelling were Hale Simpson 1st, Julie Dalby 2nd, Emily Coop 3rd, Emma Simpson 4th, and Vivian Antuna 5th.

The individual winner for Current Events was Sarah Webb 2nd.

The individual winners for Literary Criticism were Joseph Harris 2nd, Kaitlyn Green 3rd, and Kiyonna Green 4th.

The individual winners for News Writing were Lainey Roebuck 4th and Elena Miller 5th.

The individual winners for Headline Writing were Erin Benson 5th and Katie Pearson 6th.

The individual winners for Copy Editing were Hannah Baldwin 1st and Kristi Fuentes 5th.

The individual winner for Editorial Writing was Kristi Fuentes 6th

The individual winner for Computer Apps was Daniel Sanchez 8th

The individual winner for Social Studies was Elizabeth Hillman 3rd

The individual winners for Science were Ian Wilson 1st, Trevor Williams 2nd, and Skylar Stafford 5th.

The individual winner for Biology was Ian Wilson 1st

The individual winner for Physics was Ian Wilson 1st