UIL Academics team places first at Whitehouse meet


Leah Rosson

The ready writing team including junior Allie Buechter, sophomore Keelyn McCary, junior Ro Adams and sophomore Greta Chubboy show off their medals from the Whitehouse meet, The ready writing team placed first as a team.

Kadence Kennedy, Writer

With a score of 349, the high school UIL Academics team won first place for 1A-4A schools at the Whitehouse UIL meet  Nov. 13. The top scoring events were the math teams with 175 points, ready writing with 41 points, journalism with 40 points, accounting with 25 points and literary criticism with 21 points.

“When Sabine goes to a meet, we walk in with a lot of confidence because we prepare all the time,” senior Carter Boone said. “People know when we walk in, and we go into a meet expecting to win. And that’s pretty much what we did.”

Although the whole accounting team couldn’t attend, leaving them with two to compete, they got 25 points with senior Leah Wood winning first place and junior Kathryn Dalby getting third place.

“The test went pretty well, considering I got first, but it was pretty hard,” Wood said. “It was really challenging because there [were] a lot of calculations we had to do.”

The calculator team beat the high school record for the highest combined score in UIL Calculator at a meet.

“We went there and cleaned house at Whitehouse, and we swept one, two, three and four in calculator and absolutely decimated the competition,” Boone said.


Number Sense Results:

  • Rosa Gaona 2nd place overall, top grade level
  • Addison Langley 1st place overall
  • Amelia Miller 5th place overall
  • Alyssa Waller 3rd place overall, top grade level
  • Maddox Dirksen 4th place overall
  • Team placed 1st overall

Calculator Results:

  • Rosa Gaona 1st place overall
  • Maddie Horton 2nd place overall
  • Carter Boone 3rd place overall
  • Eliza Roper 4th place overall, top grade level
  • Kathryn Dalby 6th  place overall
  • Carol Anguiano 5th place overall, top grade level
  • Dalton Taylor top grade level
  • Team placed 1st overall

Math Results:

  • Maddie Horton 1st place overall, top grade level
  • Eliza Roper 2nd place overall, top grade level
  • Rosa Gaona 4th place overall
  • Carol Anguiano 6th place overall
  • Team placed 1st overall

Literary Criticism Results:

  • Keelyn McCary 2nd place overall 
  • Reese Rutland 6th place overall 
  • Team: Keelyn McCary, Reese Rutland, Greta Chubboy and Cheyenne Thompson 2nd overall

Ready Writing Results:

  • Allie Buechter 1st overall
  • Keelyn McCary 2nd overall
  • Aurora Adams 4th overall
  • Greta Chubboy 5th overall
  • Team placed 1st overall

Journalism Results:

  • Hailey Aguilar 2nd in Headline Writing, 6th in Copy Editing
  • Shawn Allen 4th in Feature Writing, 6th in Headline Writing
  • Hailey Leon 2nd in Editorial Writing

Accounting Results:

  • Leah Wood 1st overall
  • Kathryn Dalby 3rd overall

Science Results:

  • Kyle Ybanez 2nd overall
  • Carl Frye 5th overall
  • Ryker Sheets 6th overall
  • Jonah Brenner 1st in 9th grade level
  • Team placed 2nd overall

Social Studies Results:

  • Team: Matthew Howland, Robert Chubboy and Cheyenne Thompson 2nd place overall

Spelling Results:

  • Avery Johnson 3rd overall
  • Team: Avery Johnson, Maritza Zuniga and Diana Borrego 2nd place overall