Opinion: Students should dress up for theme days

Ashlynn Davis, Writer

Every year there is a spirit week for homecoming week and a Red Ribbon Week to promote being drug free, as well as pep rally theme days. Students, faculty and staff can dress up for the theme days. In September and October, some of the days included Senior Citizen Day, Anything but a Backpack Day, Character Day and Moms vs. Dad’s Day. This week for holiday spirit week, there are dress up days including holiday pajama day, favorite holiday character day and ugly holiday sweater day.

The point of the dress-up days are for students and staff to dress up in silly clothes to change things up from the normal school day, to show school spirit or promote a cause. Students’ should take advantage of these weeks and dress up.

But sadly, some students barely dress up in fear of being made fun of. It makes the weeks that are supposed to be fun, annoying for students that dress up and go out of their way to buy costumes and items to dress up with. Students dress up these weeks to support a cause or show school spirit and seeing no one dress up is upsetting.

Another reason people should dress up is to show school spirit. Participating in these dress up weeks gets everyone excited and shows pride in the school, especially on pep rally days. Pep rallies are supposed to be the loudest and most adrenaline rushed days of the school year, where students are supposed to show spirit complimenting the pep rally theme. Some don’t care to give an effort to dress up or show any type of pride towards their school.

On the other hand, some people don’t dress up because they don’t have the money or time to go out and buy items, or they might not have the necessary items lying around their house. They also could have just woken up in the morning tired and not in the mood to dress up too. But most days are fairly easy. Even if it is the bare minimum, students could at least put in the tiniest bit of effort. If everyone dressed up, there would be nothing to be embarrassed about. 

Dressing up makes something fun out of a boring usual day. Simply making one person laugh with a costume is contagious. However, when no one else is doing it, it’s embarrassing. For the sake of pride and love for their school, students should dress up more.